The UnPeace of Being Right

I don’t know about you, but I like being right. I like having my opinion born out by the majority. It makes me feel, oh, let’s admit it, smug. But in all honesty, I must admit, smug is not a a flattering choice from the emotional wardrobe. And smug does not draw people to me, to us.

When I was a kid, I was particularly pleased to learn the world supercilious. It rolls around so well in your mouth and has a swell lip-curl of disgust to finish it off. And while there are plenty o’ folk who gather upon recognizing that familiar snarl of superiority, it is not a group that’s going anywhere. It’s a group standing on the mountain of our self-righteousness. You can barely even see into the Valley of Peace from that mount… in fact, we’re all probably facing the wrong direction!

Peace is a journey, perhaps even a dance of hesitation. When we’re standing still, it requires the simple act of being present. Lip movements range from hesitant, hopeful smiles to broad grins. There is no drawing apart, there is only a tentative coming together. How about this? How about that? OK, let’s stand here and enjoy the moment, let’s keep moving forward. And being right and being self-righteous need to give way to righteousness living. Let us not draw apart, let us keep dancing forward. The drums are beating; the bells are sounding; life is longing for Peace.


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