Peace of Small Steps

The support for non-Peace is enormous. Part of the pushback, I believe is the myth that Peace is magical and therefore unobtainable. Who believes in Magic? Well, other than the Lovin’ Spoonful.

But both Peace and Magic and arts at which you become accomplished only by practicing diligently. It’s another 10,000 hour quest to become wildly accomplished at either or best. Oh, we say, no sense jumping in, because I don’t have the equivalent of five work years to give one of them. But that misses the fact that you don’t need to be a genius at Peace to begin to make a difference. Two people meeting across a boundary find a reason to smile and non-Peace is stopped right there, and Peace begins. Then you have to keep feeding the smiles. You have to start paying very close attention that you don’t step on any cultural toes and if you do, you get off quickly and apologize. Look at you, you’re Peace-making. Whoda thunk? Good work. Push back the non-Peacemakers with joy and magic! One small step (and smile!) at a time.


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