The Sweet Taste of Peace

I’ve been imagining Peace tasting like a rich combination of spices and honey. The spices would come from all over the world. You would add your concoction to some honey from your hometown. Imagine being the people who would build this elixir. You would need Tasters and Noses from every part of the earth trying this and trying that, figuring whether the mixture would “play” in every corner of the world. Ah, what titles: The Nose of Peace. The Tongue of Peace. (when it comes to bells, we’d need an Ear of Peace, but for the drums, merely the Heart, don’t you think? And Peace Perfume, that makes us move toward one another in Love and Peace, swoon.)

I wish i knew the someones who could do this work… wouldn’t it be fun to be invited in to taste Peace One and Peace Two, to decide which you liked better. Maybe every region would have its own Peace concoction, with an International Committee of Peace Spice Concocters. Oh, I like this dream. Imagine how drinking such a tea would make you feel — full of prayers and the counting of blessings; full of hope for the world and love for all who live here. Peace.

And imagine the aftertaste of Peace!


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