Backroad Peace

The monoliths of the Four Directions offer such clarity. Here you are, this is what’s going on here: Perception and understanding, Passion and Drive, Dreaming and Envisioning, and Grounding and History. To stand in one Corner is to know exactly where you are.

But in one sense, it’s also to be hemmed in. One of the fascinating things about writing the musings and then reflecting on them is the picture that begins to emerge of my own behavior. (Self reflection? Peace needs self reflection?????)  I, unlike many, actually like superhighways. Why? because I can’t get lost. I’m always late; they’re speedy. And, to fess up, I’m not secure when the lines aren’t straight. But spiritually speaking, it’s in the getting lost that growth happens, that interest deepens, that you encounter new ideas, people, even perhaps pieces of the Divine.

Ah, that old goal/process thing. I’m all about the goal. I understand process and I can facilitate it. But I’m all about the shortcuts. I always flunk that test that says read all the rules before you begin to write. And then when I’ve completed the test I get to the end that says, put down your paper and sit quietly. Well, not that I sit quietly very well, either! But I’m going to have to stick my toes in the water of the small streams. Because I’m convinced, while principles of Peace may be encoded in the Four Directions, the working of it, between actual individuals happens in the places in between. And I’m beginning to believe that Peace will only happen when we the people demand it!


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