The Peace of Spring

Well, the calendar is finally embracing it. Sooner or later the weather will. A friend had a picture of some forsythia that she’d forced in a jar. There are tell tale signs all over. We act as if it’s about the warmth, but it’s really about the light. And there it is, poised over the equator, practicing standing absolutely still.

Soon the sun will be on the move and we can lean into Spring. If we’re talking about dreams of Peace (and aren’t we always!), it’s time to think about getting our Peace show on the road. There are so many options, but for me, I guess it’s the steady creation of community. Time to stretch out my hand and see who grabs hold.

But I encourage you to enjoy the moment. Practice balancing those eggs. Be in the moment, even if the moment is another one of those in-between places. There’s enough going on right here, no need to overbalance… not when the earth is hollering: Balance!


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