The Peace of Lunch with a Friend

For me, taking a meal with a beloved is one of the sweetest things I can do. It opens and indulges so many of the senses and it helps me look closely at my life. I remember who I was when I met the friend and how we’ve grown together and I am reassured that some things are eternal gifts.

Even when people are no longer in our lives or no longer alive, those memories remain jewels that can be taken out and treasured.

Friends help us keep our balance. They reassure us and they tell us the truth — good, bad and ugly. They love us any way.

And then you add favorite foods that are shared and savored. What’s not to like? I was out with a girl friend the other day, we were eating some incredible french fries and giggling. The chef later said I wanted to say hello, but every time I came by you had your heads together and were laughing. “Yep,” sez I, “better change the name of those delights to gigglefest fries…”

So, indulge. Nothing puts your life back on track like lunch with a friend. Well, maybe breakfast or dinner, or a snack, or cake. Everyone needs the Peace of that. And with Peace in your heart, you go on from there. Peace, my dears…



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