The Peace of Long Nights

Today is the Dark of the Moon. Our Beautiful Moon has her face turned away from us and she’s smiling at the sun.

Tomorrow when she turns back to us, it will be the beginning of the Long Night Moon.

“Come down, into the Darkness, let the one who wants to be be born.” (i tried to find alink to that song, and can’t)

There’s lots of beauty in the darkness. Lots to explore. Many candles to light. Many stories to tell.

We make such a big deal about the horrors of the dark… and wind up missing what it offers. SAD is real. But for the rest of us? we miss something when we don’t explore the dark — its meaning, its hope…

So today, when the Moon has turned her beautiful face away, I celebrate the starry dark. Celebrate with me, will you? there is Peace there.

Peace of the Long Night Moon to you, my friends.


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