The Peace and Beauty of the Day

Every day you get up the world is in the midst of being beautiful. I’m writing that today when it’s grey and blustery… when it’s November to its very core.

Some places they’re celebrating snow… not here of course. Welcome to Snowhole PA…

I’m simply delighting in the leaves swirling and dancing in the streets. I get to go to wowrk and do things I love. And then I get to come home and be with friends and family, family, family… my birth family who are local are coming to dinner to meet my beloved family who have arrived from California. Last night I held grandchildren in my arms and two amazing women who have allowed me to call them daughters of my heart. Way to go Steve Mitchell… thanks for the great gift of Love!

The times are as turbulent as the wind. But Love is as constant as time — if we let it be so. And Peace is there for the making.


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