The Moving Sun, A Summer Sabbath, The Moving Peace

It took me halfway through the year to remember how much the sun travels not simply across the sky, but North and South. Now it’s true, I don’t have a window on the Bay the way I used to.

But I’ve listed the times of the Sun’s rising and setting every day for half a year, being fascinated by the times, and yet, have not watched the sun rise. So, how interested am I really?

But as always Deb Slade helps me to see. That’s what we do, isn’t it, help one another to see and understand?

It’s a lovely day in my little valley. There will be church and swimming and gathering with folk from the Synagogue for Israeli dancing. And then, a surprise visit from an old, old friend. What could be sweeter!

I hope you find Peace in your day. Peace in the rhythm of your life. Peace in the rhythm of this world…

Enjoy the time of the light… Enjoy the Peace you can make in the time of the light!


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