The Light of Pink Moon Peace

The flowers are what have named the Pink Moon. But it’s the changing light that calls those flowers into their resurgence.

That magical changing, day by day, of the Earth. Here comes the Sun!

I find I grow indignant on the Earth’s behalf that people are disdainful of the sweet miracle. It’s not warm enough, they complain.

Why yes, it is exactly warm enough. March in Pennsylvania is still quite chilly. But that doesn’t stop the flowers’ creeping out of the ground or the buds’ considering whether they’re ready to begin the cycle again.

Pay attention! This beauty is so fleeting. This is the Moon named for the flowers. And these delicate beauties flourish and linger in the cool… Don’t wish them away.

Come to think of it, there is no day in this life that we can afford to wish away. These are the days we have. Let’s enjoy them to the fullest. Peace is right where we are. Peace is when we are as well. Let us be present to each and every moment of Peace.


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