Dive into Tomato Peace Now!

Yesterday, the weather changed. All of that language about when will this heat and humidity ever end, and this morning, it’s gone.

On the one hand. It’s a great thing. Seasons change; as we progress into Fall, the weather patterns change. Kids are going back to school; it’s much more fun when it’s not 90˚! On the other hand, the pool closes, and its so hard for me to let the season go. And the cool evening temperatures mean the garden bounty begins to lessen.

Conclusions? Swim outside now! Eat those tomatoes now! Enjoy the watermelon now!

Because Summer Peace belongs to summer. Activities and foods change as we move toward Fall. There are wonderful things ahead of us.

But oh, my swimming and my tomatoes. (and my corn on the cob! and melons! and!)

Peace can’t be taken for granted in the future. It must be recommitted to every day. Here’s to swimming and tomatoes and corn today. That’s the Peace of the day. Tomorrow will be a different Peace and require new commitments.

We’ll make those then. But today, again, I’ll eat a ‘mater sammich, and melon, and peaches and corn. I’ll swim and enjoy the Peace of today. Tomorrow; we’ll see what Peace tastes like and feels like.


The Peace of the Tomato Extravaganza

It’s that time of year! Well, of course it is; it’s the Full Ripe Garden Moon. Gardens are bursting!

Strangers are accosting strangers with handfuls of fabulous tomatoes. Friends are gifting friends. It’s all pretty wonderful. (Well, at least for me, since I don’t have a garden! No fuss about what to do with the extra tomatoes, no weeding in the heat, and fabulous summer goodness to layer on salads or pile on a sandwich!)

Friends are sending pics of their elaborate canning set ups. Trying to keep up!

I think there’s a message in here for us, and that’s to take advantage of the abundance. Eat too many tomatoes, melons, peaches. Sit on the porch with a fan. Enjoy yourselves.

Tomatoes may be bursting out all over, but they aren’t ripe on the vine forever. Enjoy the Peace.