The Soft Scent of Peace

The only flowers I’ve ever planted are roses. I had a Jacob’s Coat and a Lincoln rose when I lived in California. Mr. Lincoln was a glorious dark red rose whose blossoms were deeply fragrant. Ummmmm. My roommate still has the bushes, so when I go to visit, i get a nose full…

Now, all Peace doesn’t smell like roses, I’m sure… some of it has the sharp tang of a pine tree, or the green of freshly mown grass. Peace may have the elusive taste of coriander or cumin or the sweet taste of a shared watermelon. It may freeze your nose like freshly falling snow or delight like a warm summer rain. Life is filled with abundance and beauty and we need to remember to share our delight in those things.

Peace engages the senses. Sharing those sensations is one more thing that binds hearts and lives together. Peace is organic, it is a thing of many parts. That’s a piece of what makes it so challenging. But if we remember that there are things that we share that helps us move forward… then we make way for Peace… on the scent of roses.