Window Shopping, Memories, Laughter, Peace

No, i don’t want a pair of 8″ brown suede heels — but I have fond memories of some brown suede heels I owned in high school. they were grown up shoes. They went with very little I had, but they did spark my mom’s longing and imagination.

Seems a plenty good reason to laugh and remember, no?

It’s the little things that bring us Peace, just a moment of Peace.

I bet most of us have some little something from our past, that when we see today’s equivalent, make us remember and make us smile. We all have memories, even if the scale varies. It’s good for Peace that we remember them, and share them with one another.

I just wish my mom had had the courage to buy the shoes for herself. That would have been a different kind of Peace. But I’ll take this one. I’m sure Lorraine had no idea how sweet a memory she was unleashing when she sent me a photo she called “window shopping!”