Practicing for Peace

I’m not sure what the scales of Peace are… or the beats or the (enter sports analogy)…

But I know we need to practice them. It’s what will make Peace sing.

It’s important when you want do great things to have the basics at your fingertips.

Years of hours practicing scales means your fingers automatically know where to go. It means when the Peace process bogs down you have other notes to offer, other harmonies to try. What about this note, or this? The movements are instinctive.

Music is hard. Peace is hard. We need to practice and get good at it. Music practice, spiritual practice, Peace practice. Beautiful music changes the world. Peace changes the world. The practice is worth the time.

And oh, by the way, I think Beautiful Music can be a road to Peace — one we don’t talk often enough.


Laying out Peace

I’ve read tarot cards for about 40 years. I love doing it. I do it more for friends than for strangers, although there have been times.

I’m not a medium or clairvoyant. I just like the cards. I find it soothing to puzzle through them. I don’t do it often — or like most folk, i go through spurts of doing it.

I love that it’s about a Path through life. I see it as much as a meditation tool as anything else. I like it enough that I wrote a book about it. (you can find it here)

I keep studying about paths through life. I keep working on my own. I keep writing about it. I’m working on a new one now. Spiritual paths require daily work.

In the end, I think life is about the practice. I think the Path to Peace is the Practice of Peace. I think we need to be working on Peace…