Laying out Peace

I’ve read tarot cards for about 40 years. I love doing it. I do it more for friends than for strangers, although there have been times.

I’m not a medium or clairvoyant. I just like the cards. I find it soothing to puzzle through them. I don’t do it often — or like most folk, i go through spurts of doing it.

I love that it’s about a Path through life. I see it as much as a meditation tool as anything else. I like it enough that I wrote a book about it. (you can find it here)

I keep studying about paths through life. I keep working on my own. I keep writing about it. I’m working on a new one now. Spiritual paths require daily work.

In the end, I think life is about the practice. I think the Path to Peace is the Practice of Peace. I think we need to be working on Peace…