Shhhh! Dawning Sabbath Peace

The soft quiet of a morning. Before the birds wake up; before you’re really awake. The world turns softly golden and your only responsibility is to drink it in.

“When I breathe in Love I breathe out Peace. When I breathe in Peace I breathe out Love.”

What a start to the morning. What an incredible way to set yourself up for the day.

And then, as the saying goes, begin as you mean to go on. Begin in Peace, continue.

Peace be with you, my friends. Every day.

And today? Is Mother’s Day. A happy day to all who celebrate. And commiseration and congratulations to those who have had to do this without the mother everyone deserves. It was her insufficiency. You are beloved and you did an amazing job without her.


A Slow, Peaceful Sabbath Morning

I love days that start slow. I love the ones that come into being without a lot of rushing around on my part. No fanfare, just small, sweet beauty.

Our lives are so fast, we often need the extraordinary to slow us down. And make no mistake an extraordinary sunrise is, well, extraordinary.

But the sun rises every day, bringing us twenty-four hours to explore, time to learn and accomplish, time to work and play and even just sit and contemplate. There’s a lot to be said for quiet Beauty.

There’s nothing like a quiet Sunday! I hope you make something wonderful of yours! May it be a day of Peace.