Peace of Sunday Night Frenzy

I remember it best from when I lived and worked in New York. You spent the weekend catching up — often on sleep — and then Sunday evening, you just couldn’t get interested in bed. Instead you accomplished all those things you’d procrastinated on.

Which is all well and good, except for the fact that you didn’t go to bed when you were supposed to, which meant you started your week short of sleep.

But oh, ministers have Monday mornings off if they’re smart. So my frenzy was not going to ruin my morning. And I got so much accomplished. Computer backed up and rebooted. Pesky emails written. over 1000 emails purged. drawers straightened… bed washed and redone for slightly cooler weather. piles of clothes to give away, to toss… All invisible to the outside world but so helpful to living inside my world!

I’m not a maintainer of order. But I can do the blitz! And I did. and hurrah! And here I am, a bit sleepy, but none the worse for wear this morning. Happy week! My Peace this morning, for once, for once will be that of order and organization. Relax! I’ll be over it by tomorrow.


Wild Chaos, Sweet Order, Sacred Peace

All very important words. Too many people think that the first two terms are in opposition with each other. But when they’re in cahoots with each other, they really work. (maybe they should be called Sweet Chaos and Wild Order!) But I say in my musing that I believe that Peace teeter-totters between the two. My guess is that the sweet spot is always moving!

Peace isn’t orderly. or should I say, Peace isn’t only orderly, it needs creativity to explode all the preconceptions of what Peace might be. But Peace isn’t only chaos. It helps to establish a foundation for Peace. You want your foundations to be well-crafted if they’re going to last. The Practical and the Possible need to keep talking to one another.

They need, in fact, to find one another beautiful.

Too often, they get shoved and maneuvered into taking sides and made to fight with one another. Only one can be “good.” Dualism. Pah! Sacred Peace requires the best of each of us. And it demands a pretty healthy sense of humor. If you’re more gifted in Chaos or Order, look for Peace Accomplices. You can’t make Peace on your own. It takes two to Tango… It takes two to Peace… and so many more! But find the balance and enjoy the ride! It’s good work. It’s good play. It’s Peacemaking!