Lunch in a Nice Peace

When I go out to breakfast, I often walk across the bridge to sit in the diner on the river.

It’s not the best breakfast in the world, or even the area, but it is the best view. Blueberry pancakes are so much better with the possibility of a glimpse of a heron or an eagle.

Terri had good lunch looking into the greenery. Who doesn’t love a meal at a seaside cafe?

My brother loves a good stream or a pond. My brother loves a pond so much that when they built their cabin they built a long narrow table facing the pond, so he and his wife sit together looking out at the Beauty.

Meals go better with Beauty. Let the water soothe you. Let the rustling leaves calm you. Let the brilliant views of sharp edged cities inspire. Any one of these is good for your digestion and your soul.

Offer your mealtime a bit of Peace. Life will be better for that.


Taking that Moment for Peace

When the moment arises, you must seize it.

That’s what these gals did.

Man, does that sun feel great on your back.

Consider. A break in the temperature, a barn break and someone delivers lunch. There’s not much more we can ask of our lunch breaks with our work buds..

Sometimes life is wildly meaningful, sometimes it’s just the experience of joy.

These are the moments that are so essential to our understanding of why Peace for all should matter for us.

Sometimes you just want to go out with the girls and you should be able to…

Because the moment is right. Because Peace. Because it’s better for Peacemakers to be filled with Peace.

Lunch break anyone? Peace break?