Peace of Sunset at the Farm

One of the reasons I like snow is that it lets the sun paint it colors.

It is so beautiful to have those golden colors reflecting off the snow. It’s so easy to imagine coming home to this Peaceful  and Beautiful place…

Beauty — just one of the reasons I don’t want to rush past winter… And the cold is another one.

Today the cold brings my little town our ice festival. Hurrah. There were lots of pictures from last night of friends sitting in ice chairs and having their pictures taken besides ice sculptures. The Ice Fest has arrived. We’ll have to walk down to see folk plunge into the river this afternoon… (crazy people, i tell you, not me!)

Both the picture and this festival are reasons for me not to rush past winter. Every day, there’s something beautiful. Every day in your life, there’s something beautiful. We should welcome and celebrate that.

Peace needs every day to be complete — just as it needs every person!



Peace in the Dead of Winter.

It’s been cold, cold, cold… There’s something pretty wonderful about that.

I have the clothes. I make sure I’ve got lotion on my face and hands. And off you go, invigorated.

Shockingly, here we are at the 19th of January, what meteorologists call the Dead of Winter and this is only the second time we’ve had bitter cold. The light is slowly changing, by the end of the month we’ll have almost enough light to wake a ground hog!

Yes I know it’s cold. This is what winter’s about. Pests and Germs are dying as we complain about the cold… But heat up yesterday’s soup and admire the beauty!

The cold, clear Peace of the Dead of Winter be with you.