Peace on and from our River

The Susquehanna is so beautiful. Your river is probably beautiful too.

As they bless us with their Beauty and their Bounty, we must also bless them.

We must care for them.

Clean water for everyone is a great start on Peace. Water you can drink, water you can fish in, water you can swim in, water you can walk beside… wait, am I sounding like my (Middle Susquehanna) Riverkeeper? You bet I am.

Clean Water for Peace. Us for Clean Water. Us for Peace. Pretty simple in theory. Let’s make it true in practice.

Water is Life and Peace

Water is Life. We must care for it.

There’s no way around that. We come from water, are born from it. It is 60 percent of us. If we can’t process water, we die. If we don’t have clean water, we die.

My troubles dissolve in water. It brings me Peace. Clean water is necessary to me in ways far beyond the physical.

We must care for water. It is not an endless source… We have the water we have and we keep polluting it. It must stop. We must stop. We must demand that greed is not more important than our water. Water is sacred and belongs to the people. Let us bless the water. Let us be a blessing to the water. Even as it brings us Peace, may we bring Peace as well.

Water is Life. Water is Peace. Blessed Be.

Frothy Flower Is as Strong as Peace

Water lilies. They’re so beautiful. But they’re also determined. They can take over a pond or lake if you’re not watching.

They’re also very protective of their environment… They prevent algae from growing. They provide shade and shelter for the fish. They’ll eat the heavy metals right out of ponds and streams.

There are people trying to get municipal plants to use these to clean water. Not surprisingly, the people who build water plants are not interested in employing buy them once they work forever plants for a fraction of construction costs… And yet, they’ve been proven very effective.

Strong, generous, beautiful, frilly little water lilies for Peace.