The Sweet Peace of Before and After

They’re really quite miraculous, but so very easy to miss. There is often a silence before something immense and filled with impact happens. It’s that pregnant with possibilities moment. And then at the end of something momentous, there’s an instant that is the moment after delivery, the no longer pregnant reality of delivery that is equally profound.

Hold that silence. Breathe it in. Just before sunset. Just before dawn. Just before music begins. Just after it ends.

Classical musicians are trained to do it, maybe not in those words, but nonetheless… but so many musicians are not… they never let the note carry into the ether before crashing down into the next… or more likely turning immediately to talk about what they’re going to play next (as if you can’t set up two songs in a row.)

Keeping your eye on the prize might also include savoring and celebrating that prize. Those moments of awareness change life. They are a pause for an inhalation. Before night falls or day breaks. After incredible Beauty or unthinkable tragedy. They stop life and magnify it. It’s a sin to miss the Peace in them. And when have you ever heard me use that word?


In Peace, Breathing Matters

For the past four years of my musings, i’ve danced with one picture a week or a month. It’s been a wonderful adventure. It’s different this year to have a picture come in every day. It’s different in both challenging and wonderful ways.

Even six weeks in, most people have a thought about why they took a photo. When you add that to whatever it inspires in me plus whatever’s working in the world at that moment and it makes writing the poem more challenging.

So Scott sent this beautiful picture and said, I don’t know, Breath of God? Dawn of Creation? And there out of my mind came not only the old hymn but the newer benediction: When I breathe in Love, I breath out Peace. When I breathe in Peace, I breathe out Love…

And new metaphors emerge to challenge and deepen my own understanding. This is why I call these musings, you know… what am I thinking about what I believe and what am I believing about what I observe? What supports me? What challenges me? What moves me?

Breath of Peace. Big B. Big P. For me the capitalized beginning indicates words that are sacred in our mouths. Not just powerful — hate never gets a cap. But Breath. ah… let’s pay attention to its coming in and its going out. Let’s stand in the way of it when the World exhales. Let’s breathe in Peace. and please, breathe on me Breath of Peace. You my beloved. You, the World. You, the Divine. You… Peace. Breathe. Peace breathes. I breathe Peace.