The Peace of Being Who You Are

The eagle in this picture is so glorious in his existence.

Animals are who they are. That’s all they know how to be. That’s all they know who to be. And they know it’s enough. So they sit and preen in the sunlight. Not for us. Just because it feels wonderful.

Too many of us spend too much of our lives trying to be someone we’re not. Eagles don’t have that complication. Find food. Eat. Share with your mate and your children. Nest. Protect your mate. Sit on a branch in the sunshine.

Our lives may be more complicated than that, but they’re often not as complicated as we make them.

Sometimes, it’s just about being beautiful and allowing others to enjoy… Sometimes we might turn our head in a different direction to find our Peace. Because the world needs our beauty as much as it needs our brains. It needs our Love as much as our strategy.

Peace. What if we could make it simpler?