Sugar Moon Sabbath Wonder and Peace

Wherever you go, there is beauty.

For me, part of writing daily is to remember this. My musings are a spiritual practice of observing what’s right here in front of me.

The act of observation offers a deep reminder to appreciate — whether it’s an appreciation of the possibilities that lie at the heart of dysfunction or, like today, simply the simple awareness of the sight and sound of birds, on the wing and on the ground.

March is often a damp and chilly month — and every single day of it — just as every frigid day of February — is worth appreciation. No other day is like this one. The moon changes every day, and even if we were to look at the same time every day the Crescent Moon changes by degree and position and of course by when it rises and sets… it’s all pretty astonishing, isn’t it?

It’s a Sabbath today, let us enjoy both the day and the wonder.

Wishing you the Peace of a wonderful day.


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