Staying Faithful to Peace in the Midst of Horror

The gassing of Syrian citizens yesterday by either national or foreign forces is as heinous as it gets.

To see people being tended, listed only as an identifying number on their heads, because there were too many people helps us understand the devastation. No one should ever be a number — yet in such a situation what can you do?

There are many questions about what we can do to help. And actually, we don’t know much at the moment that could be helpful. But at the very least, we must bear witness.

There is horror. Not to talk about it is to normalize it. To shrink from it is to allow the world to believe we will tolerate such things. We’re waking up. We have to stay, as they’re saying now, “woke.”

Too many died senseless horrible deaths. May those responsible find their sanity and repent. May we all work to ensure that whole-scale slaughter stops. We cannot give Peace a chance if we do not admit that there is war and evil afoot. Peace, no peace. Which will we choose?

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