Peace Is Fluid Not Fixed

I suppose that the strong man toeing the line, daring anyone to cross it is a kind of diplomacy.

I’m not sure it’s particularly effective, however, in doing anything other than escalating situations. I’m not quite sure what to say about this, since we are all fairly well agreed that I’m not a great strategist.

But doesn’t it seem that at this point when the pause has gone on too long, that you might want to say, hey, wanna go have a tea or a coffee or even a beer and talk about this?

I know I’m not a warrior and that there are warrior jobs… and no one is ever going to hire me to do them… unless I’m out being a warrior for Peace with my hello, it’s lovely to meet you… push those books over, sit down, let’s have tea. I also know that there are times you have to stand your ground and say firmly, this is not acceptable. But for me, this is more of a sit down for Peace rather than a glaring at one another Peace…

I do know that Peace is fluid… running like water, lubricating like oil…

Oh. and i know these figures are gorgeous. I’m not sure what Cindi was creating with them, I just know I find them captivating…

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