Slow Morning Peace, llvl

Morning breaks more slowly in the winter… as if it too tugs itself from the warm nest of blankets. But that gives the colors a chance to settle in…

We live in a beautiful world. And as much as I talk about it, I sometimes don’t pay as much attention as I should. This time of year, we’re meant to burrow in, and I do. I find it difficult to tear myself from my cozy cocoon. I’m up late reading and in late sleeping — Finding the rhythm of the season.

But this morning, thanks to an early car appointment, I’m going to be driving into the morning’s light. (and probably driving back into it since it looks like the car may need a days worth of fluffing.)

So, here I am, slower than usual, but happily embracing the moment. In the midst of the turmoil over race and torture and rape… let us envision the possibility of Peace on Earth and Joy to the World. And then let us come together and work for justice. It’s a beautiful morning for it.



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