Sacred Grammar Peace, llvl

I’m one of those people who writes her way to what she thinks. Hard for my friends who think things out on the inside. I love blogs and sermons for that reason. Write ’em and redact! (less fun when I’m talking, i know! oopsie!). But I often find things in my writing that I didn’t know was in there. Last week it was Peace advisories. This week it was Sacred Capitalization. (wait for tomorrow to see what comes next! bet yourself something fun if you win!)

I don’t know how significant this is to anyone else, but for me it’s a way of preferencing the words. Use more of the sacred words which have that tiny caress and fewer of the non-sacred. Talk about what I want to grow toward and spend less time thinking about what I want to grow away from.

so Peace. Love. Happiness. What are your Sacred words. What feels holy in your mouth?



One thought on “Sacred Grammar Peace, llvl

  1. That’s the beauty of being your own boss and/or the head of your faith group because you can develop your own style guide. Many companies and organizations often follow a recognized style guide (Chicago, AP, etc.), but they specify when they wish to deviate from the standard. Now, I think it would be cool if YOU named your own style guide.

    When I write my astrology pieces, I just write how I want to write, and heck with a style guide (except my own, of course). Have a great weekend!

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