Partly Cloudy Peace, llvl

So a couple days ago, if you’re following this blog, while discussing the notion of having your own personal Board of Advisors who support and contribute to your Peace Work, I wrote the words Peace Advisory. It tickled my fancy, this notion that there might be a Peace Forecast that looked at the nature of Peace today and also looked at the possibility of Peace’s breaking out in your area.

What would happen if that were to happen? What would need to happen if that were to happen? How many people would have to be involved? To start a movement that began to focus on Peace as a goal. It’s a complicated thing, this Peace. Bob Marley sang (Bob!) “No justice, no Peace.” It’s easy to think of Peace as the “peace, love and happiness” thing, but more challenging to envision it as a reality that permeates daily life. We’re all for peace, love and happiness. But are we in favor of, willing to work for Peace that demands sacrifice.

When in liturgy, you hear the words “Peace that passes understanding” it’s often describing the Divine. This encourages us to accept this Peace into our lives. But I’m not sure it’s here to tell us that we can’t understand or shouldn’t.

Peace is complex. But hey. That’s why we have these big brains. What better thing to expend our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical energy on…

And for Peace, like Spring, to be bustin’ out all over, we need to to get to work. If we don’t the Peace Advisory is always going to be only partly cloudy. We’re the world’s hope for the Sun’s breaking through. We’re the world’s hope for Peace. We all are. But it doesn’t take a village, it takes a world. We are that world. Let’s go.



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