Sabbath Peace, Local Possibilities

It seems appropriate to me, to be back here in my life in time for the Sabbath. I spent so many years outside the church, so to realize that I define not only who I am but how I live by it seems odd to me. I like it. But it’s not how I envisioned spending my life. Yet here I am, living richly. (It’s good to remind myself, because having been shorted on sleep yesterday to catch the plane, I’m going to take a moment to catch up… Losing sleep does not make for a cheery, healthy Ann. au contraire!)

Just in time for Spring, our community is going to start gathering funds for feeding kids on the weekends. We want to lead the Valley toward a life where No Child Goes Hungry… wouldn’t that be amazing? so, it’s time for the seedlings to start poking their heads above the soil — along with the crocus!

So, as the world thaws and the waters start to flow… look out… Love will be Flowing as well… Check in, see how you can help.

The Possibility of Peace… and then the Realities… let’s go!


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