Sabbath Peace for Phil, LLVL

It’s going to be a Peaceful Sunday for Phil the groundhog after being rudely awakened this morning at 7:28. He saw his shadow and is headed back for another six-week snooze. Living la vida local in Pennsylvania, you pay attention to Phil. They’re now attributing atrocious poetry to him as well. Although, goodness, he IS a groundhog, so I’m not sure how well developed his poetic functions are!

A Superbowl winner I will not predict,

But my weather forecast you cannot contradict

That’s not a football lying beside me, that’s my shadow that you see.

Six more weeks of winter, it shall be.

Sorry Phil, had to redact a little. We’re having a little break in the weather, which was good for the 200 who plunged into the 39˚ river yesterday. After they broke the ice on the shore, there wasn’t much ice in the river to worry about. But it’s a pretty bleak day. Cozy in with a good book! Do something that’s your version of down-time.

Beloved husband is playing music today, I’m off to work. As always anniversary celebrations will wait and get fitted in to some leisure time. We’re not postponing joy, we’re extending it!

This day has become the most significant in my life in many ways. I may need to think a bit about that. It’s the stirring awake metaphor and reality that catches me. And maybe the beginning again. I said that I liked Chinese New Year because it was a beginning again, but I think perhaps it’s the beginning of sap rising in the trees that catches me. I see this as the beginning of the cycle, the actual new year. The end of the year is about rest for me, and this is about waking up. For me this is a natural break in the year.

Let us recommit at the beginning of the cycle to creating the new possibilities for the year. Let us be the awakening light… after a bit of snoozing around!

And as for Phil, my sister must be sighing the big sigh of relief that she won’t be chasing his cousin from under the flagstones around her pool. I doubt we remembered to warn the new owners about the groundhog. Ah well, you live on land, you live in nature! So Happy many anniversaries to me (and to Steve) and burrow in, at least for today. Peace may lie in getting enough rest. But watch out when we wake up.


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