Sabbath Peace and Lunacy

Often my message for Sundays is to relax, to take a break. Sundays are good days in most people’s lives to step outside the mania. Odd but wonderful that for very different reasons my husband and I often do our best work on Sundays! Our Sunday morning conversations are filled with joy and encouragement. Have a great day, we exhort one another.

And today is no exception. We’ll celebrate our work and the relationships we’re privileged to be in.

However this is also a day that dawns after a very cold night. Although it will warm up today as cloud cover has finally moved in. It’s frigid outside. It’s wonderful to celebrate the beauty of winter and dark skies through which the Moon sails. Yet this is not all there is. Too many are without adequate shelter during the winter.

I’m not sure how I most effectively respond to this, but I know that there must be some response. Let us consider how all of creation might be warmly received. Because we’re the only answer we have… Peace is so much more complex than we know — may we see it, may we know it, may we embody it… May we embrace the Lunacy of Peace and stand for Creation and all who live upon the earth…


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