Little Pieces of Peace Lunacy

There is so much sadness in the world. Huge, sad reflections of violence and greed. There’s no question that we must address these as we can.

But at the same time, we must keep our spirits strong for the journey. One way to do that is to notice what’s working and to celebrate. Let’s encourage ourselves to then take the little pieces we can and set them to rights.

Is it crazy to believe we can make a difference?

I don’t believe so.

I do believe we often set our sights too high, too big and then when we fail, we walk away altogether. We’re better seeing what little steps can be taken and begin to make those advances toward our bigger goal of Peace.

But on the way, let’s tell one another the small joys that make a life rich. When the baby learns something new, when our kid succeeds after months of trying, when we have a wonderful date with our partner or our friends, when we have communion with our elderly parent or a giggle with a sibling. Life has so much sweetness in it, let us savor that.

And full of love, let us turn gentle eyes on the bigger problems and begin to consider where we might have impact.

Because although we might not have what’s needed to change the big picture, by changing the little pictures we begin to build up evidence that Peace is possible. It’s a sweet kind of lunacy this belief in a better world… but why not? Let us be as serene and joyful as the Moon, let us reflect Love on the world…


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