Sabbath Harmony and Peace for the Pink Moon

Today is Easter. Today is Passover. Today is still the Full Pink Moon. They’re promising us a beautiful Spring Day in my little River Valley. And if you’re lucky, the Bunny (THE Bunny) showed up at your house last night and left wild encouragement to be alive (that would be the egg part). And chocolate. he often leaves chocolate. It’s a Sabbath to remember.

So many celebrations colliding. So many different voices raised. My Hope, maybe even our hope, is that those raised voices, those songs of freedom and joy can find a harmony in these celebrations.

Because the world needs harmony. Harmony calls us to join in, to tune in. And there are so many places so many jagged horrible lines that have been drawn in hate and violence that we need that sweet harmony to defy those lines… and eventually erase them.

I experienced it the other day, a cold day, standing in a columbarium, singing a man’s favorite hymn with four other people. We’d never sung together. It was chilly and hard to catch the right note. yet we did. and five of us sang lustily away. A song of rebirth in a place of remembrance. And before the first verse had ended, we had found our harmony.

It was an amazing thing. We need to do more of that.

So let us sing! of all those wonderful things. Even as we remember the pain and those who struggle. Let us find some harmony. Let us offer a bit of Peace. Blessed be, my friends, blessed be.


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