Rowing Away to Peace. Will You Join Me?

This is the most alluring picture. Can’t you feel the boat’s invitation to get in, set off? It’s such a still picture and yet, the invitation seems almost urgent, doesn’t it? Come, explore

The picture’s deceptively beautifully calm. I see and I sense the “as above so below,” but is that really true?

And will we know if we don’t get in the boat?

This picture reminds me of a guided visualization I do… You take a boat that is rowed to the island of Peace. When I saw this picture, i thought, ah, there, That’s the boat I’ve been waiting for. It’s dangerous. It’s daring. And it’s so incredibly calming.

Will we find Peace if we don’t get in the boat? Will we become Peacemakers if we don’t take the risk to explore Life’s Beauty?

I don’t really think so. Peace. Get in the Boat.


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