Oh, for Peace’s Sake, Celebrate!

I always think it’s appropriate to celebrate Milestones. I also think it’s appropriate to celebrate sunsets. Celebrations don’t need to be full on parties for three hundred. They can be a soft, sweet pause. A simple let’s stand together and look at that sunrise/cloud/bird is important.

Milestones matter. Now I say that at the same time I wince about the celebrity mentality that says I must be at the center of a very large everything. That’s not what i mean by celebrations. I think more about a caress rather than a gala.

Something as simple as a shared piece of cake is a lovely celebration. I certainly don’t need a whole piece of cake to say life is grand. I’ve had plenty in my life… but a forkful of deliciousness? mmmm. hurrah.

So here’s to you and all you celebrate! We’ll all long for a forkful of Terri’s chocolate lavender tart. I hoist my cup of tea to you. If we help one another celebrate the little things that astonish and delight… we make space for Peace. Let’s celebrate Peace each time we see it. Let’s throw Peace a party and let people understand how delicious it is. Because the world needs celebration and the world needs Peace. Desperately.


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