Reflecting Peace

I’m polishing things at my house for two reasons. I just inherited a whole bunch of lovely family and putting them out and putting them away, it seemed better to put them away well shined and well loved. And then after a long time away at deb’s and a long time not living in my space, I’m trying to reclaim where I live. To make it mine again. (thankfully the human version of peeing on things is cleaning them!) And OK, three and four… I love silver, especially silver that’s been used for generations of MY family AND I have very few jobs that end, so I take great satisfaction in taking a mound of tarnished pieces and turning it into beauty. Take that!

So, when I can’t do anything else right now, I polish. Even though there’s still plenty of chaos on the surface, it’s slowly diminishing underneath. Things are being put away. An entire stack of books, stuck beside my fireplace for YEARS — vanished into a bookcase of all unlikely places.

And the silver and the wood and the glassware are slowly returning to their intended state as heirlooms mingle with my own chosen things. As I apply a little elbow grease to things I’ve been catching little glimpses of myself in the newly shining surfaces. It has reminded me that October and the coming celebration of Hallowmas is about that. About the quick glances that reveal deep truths. Catching my father’s profile in my grandmother’s silver pitcher. A glazed, teary-eyed look into the reflection on a dish that held candy on my Nana’s table. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Moments of self-reflection. Moments of blessing counting. Moments of beauty.

Because the glimpses are only snatches, it’s easier to begin to piece together  (Peace together) a picture. I can examine those pieces with curiosity and remembrance. I can let the grace seep in before I have to face the whole. All in all, i think it’s a good way to begin the process of examining our souls, bit by bit… and scrubbing the tarnish off as we go. Peace. slow, subtle Peace. and ooh, look, bright shiny things. who doesn’t like that?


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