Recalculating Peace, llvl

It’s a complicated thing, this Peace thing. And so many places it can derail. So many places it does derail.

So, faithfulness is asked of us. And remembering. Remembering that we live in our own small local life where change is possible. Remembering despite the news of shootings and violence. Remembering despite my rage and sadness at the way we treat one another.

Peace is a one-foot-in-front-of-the-other journey. It’s a journey where you sometimes have to sit down until the fog clears. Sometimes when it finally does, you notice the path is changed.

So you do what the GPS teaches and recalculate the roads we’ll take to get to Peace. We must keep it on our hearts and minds. It’s a challenging enough journey. We must keep the destination clear and the prayer alive. Peace be with you, my friends.


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