Protecting the Trusses of Peace

It’s an interesting thing to encounter the reasons behind something in your life that has always been there and that you now take for granted.

I’ve loved covered bridges a long time. I never really wondered why they built them (that’s ann-brain — oh look at that, isn’t it wonderful. Nope, i’d have made a lousy engineer!) If I had thought, I might have thought it protected people from the wind that often rushes down a creek- or river-bed. And it could act as blinders on the eyes of horses who might find walking over water a bit freaky. And certainly it had those advantages.

But no, it was put in place to protect the bridge. Do we do enough of that do you think? Put the protection in place for the solution, even as we figure out what the solution is to a particular project? I don’t think i think enough about that… Ann brain, not engineer brain.

I’m busy marveling at the wonder of it. but huh, isn’t the wonder greater when it’s cared for! Something to think on.

And of course I loved stealing a kiss with a sweetheart (from whom did we steal it do you think since we were both so eager?). Sweet, youthful memories that it takes a covered bridge to evoke.

Thanks. So I wish you the good sense to shore up the fragile things you make as well as the the good sense to steal a kiss with a sweetheart. Nothing could be finer. Both bring sweet Peace. And of course I wish you that too.


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