Ice cream for Peace (You scream too!)

We’ve all gotten greedy about treats. Google dictionary describes a treat as “an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.” For those of us here in Central PA, the opening of the summer ice cream stands is a special treat. I like to wait until the fireflies get to mine before I go for my treat, so I’ve a couple more months ahead to wait. Waiting is part of what makes a treat a treat.

We believe we need treats every day. And look at us. It shows. And in fact, it’s gotten so too many of us, too many of our children think treats are every day food. We often feel we “deserve” a treat.

We scream about pesticides in our food and rightly so. But we have no qualms about putting food in our mouths on a regular basis that aren’t good for us. And the jury’s out on whether the amount of sugar we eat isn’t going to injure us.

So, if you scream for ice cream every day, You’ve moved it out of the treat category and into the food category and that’s not great.

But if once in a while, you and a friend wander over to a favorite ice cream stand to share one another’s favorite treat — if you make it a treat, well then enjoy.

Do it to make it special. Peace has many flavors some are sustenance. Some are treats. The first ice cream of the season? Shared with a friend? Sweet Peace indeed. Savor it!


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