Progressive Peace, llvl

Sometimes we have to write the same thing, over and over again, until we hear it.

Peace is a series of very small steps — and not all of them are forward facing. Sometimes you have to slither over to one side or another. But hey… doesn’t that make it dancing?

Along with quite a few others, I’ve been feeling burdened. At our local poetry reading last night, one of us read a poem about headlines, and the headlines of long ago were echoed almost precisely in the poem. That’s years of the electric slide.

But you don’t become a Peacemaker because it’s going to be easy. You dedicate your life to Peace knowing that it will not only be challenging, but also tedious. Tedious, it’s the worth. And not only is it tedious, I dither. (slide to the left, slide to the right.)

But as a mentor reminded me, it’s one foot in front of the other. I love this week’s picture with the open gate. It’s gorgeous here. It’s gorgeous there. But the journey waits. Might as well go now while the conditions are good! Because out there, people are such need of our work. War. Violence. Greed. We need to be a sacred oasis. A moveable feast of Peace. (and there’s my image for tomorrow!)

Here’s today’s poem (typo corrected from what i sent out! gah!)


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