Preparing Peace, llvl

So, weekends — are they preparation or reparation? What ever they are, they should be enjoyed if at all possible.

My weekend coincided with the slow subsiding of my cold, so I was careful to take some leisure time. It was lovely. I did some preparation and some work, but I slept soundly and re-read a favorite book. Didn’t want to tax my brain, just wanted to hang out with some beloved friends.

I even hung out with some beloved real friends on Sunday, and that was great too.

There was work, if you can call marrying folk and singing Pete Seeger songs work… There was preparation for the week and for the Interfaith Witness on Monday.

Today I get to work on my presentation for a conference and finally see my SweetPea and wish him a happy Birthday! Peace is for the making, let’s get busy!


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