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We all need a reminder that life contains more possibilities. It’s easy sometimes to look at the folk who capture our attention with their fear and misinformation (and how the hell did that get to be a word???), and think that that’s where the world is. But it’s not.

Most of us are looking for something to believe in. Something to participate in. We want a way to make the world better. I believe this. It keeps me going. My friend points out, we’re no worse than we’ve ever been. Which is probably true. We just have more data. Which we drown in. (I’m thinking I see tomorrow’s musing rising out of this, what do you think?)

So join me in Cameron Park on Friday and remind me life is hopeful. Don’t live here? Join something, start something and remember, life is filled with possibilities — but your life is only filled with possibilities if you look for them and take advantage.


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