Peace Where You Are, llvl

You know me, I love the holidays. I like pretty much whatever holidays I run into. It started with that trip to Sweden my senior year in high school. Swedish Christmas, so different and yet so festive. I’d grown up a quietly religious girl, Christmas there was fairly secular but steeped in cultural traditions. I got to spend 5 Christmases with family and friends over there. It forever changed how I celebrate.

And then I lived in NY. This time of year, it’s all about the bright lights. But my dearest friend there was Jewish. And so I was invited in to all those fun experiences. And foods. I really love festal foods. I like the rhythm of going back, year after year and having the right foods at the right time. To sit at table with people you love.

For me it’s not about the particular holiday, it’s about the whole experience with all the amazing sensory experiences — and the Love. It’s always about the Love for me.

And then it was off to CA… and that was the first time I really firmed up my own sense of these sacred days… Oh, yes, the Solstice. And the house on the hill overlooking the bay. And the friends. We got to design it to fit us. Our home… pretty fun.

And then back here to the family and what they needed, wanted. When I came back, I don’t think I understood how much their needs needed to be first. And so went the first 12 years. But in the midst of that, I was growing into a new community who had their own celebrations and they fit very well!

And now, we’ll see… But all these holidays gave me such pleasure, have such distinct flavors, taught me so much. As the song says: there is more love somewhere… hopefully it’s where we decide to be… Peace on Earth! whatever you celebrate, whoever you are! Joy to the World!


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