Peace Practice

Sometimes I think that we’re so enamored of “getting it right,” that we forget what leads up to that… the painstaking, boring, careful, oh, so necessary practicing that takes us there. It takes hours of practice (some say 2000) to be really accomplished at something. And not everything in our lives demands that level of accomplishment or that level of practice. But something does.

And it’s not always just our musical chops, although as someone who listens to a lot of live music, let me just say that practice is a great thing! and that actually your adoring public can usually tell if you haven’t bothered to begin your day with those scales or those paradiddles! Life and performance are simply smoother when we practice.

But other things take practice as well. Being kind, for instance. Speaking our heart. Noticing Beauty. Being present. Counting Blessings. Making Peace. These are all muscles we need to exercise again and again. It takes a while, but sooner or later, if we’re diligent, they become reflexive. We become accomplished. We’re making that Peace, smiling at those strangers, wearing our hearts on our sleeves. There we are: Peacemakers. Peacegardeners, Peacestewards… However you define yourself in relation to Peace. What? You say you don’t? Well, better figure out what your Peace role is and start practicing. 2000 of your Peacehours will make a big difference in the world.


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