Lilac Peace

Today’s musing was inspired by my friend Deb Slade’s fabulous picture of a Lilac: deep purple blossoms edged in white lace. So beautiful. and I oohed and ahed and realized that a couple days ago, she’d snapped a pic of some other piece of Nature’s Beauty and I’d oohed and ahed. Paying attention is so important. Being in the moment. Noticing! and Appreciating. Lilacs are here for a very short period of time and well worth swooning over. But each and everything has its brief moment of beauty… so pay attention. Wondering, will I be in the continental US when the locusts make their nosiy appearance. ewwwwwwww. i mean Cicada (noisy) Peace. ANYWAY, it’s great to have friends like Deb, who help us see the sights we don’t always stop to indulge.


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