Peace of the Turning Season

Last night we had our second frost — and this was a real one. It’s time, no getting away from it, and it makes it clear which way the weather is heading.

People, both farmers and gardeners scrambled around getting in the last crop.

Now it’s time to turn within. It’s time for some reflection and contemplation. It’s time to ask forgiveness and offer it. Slow down. Figure things out a bit.

Enjoy the new season. Stop worrying about it’s getting colder. The seasons each have something to teach us. And the speed that days are flying by, how will we notice we even have a winter? How can it be the end of October already?

But enjoy the ending of Fall and the beginning of Winter. Life has something to offer every second! Find your Peace where you are. Live in the season. Who knows what magic is waiting for you!


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