Peace of Synchronicity

Synchronicity is an odd thing. You actually have to be focused on something for it to start working. It’s a two-way tool. You can start thinking that humanity is worthless and there’s nothing but pain and suffering. and you will see not only pain and suffering but begin to think that humans can only work to create pain and suffering. Or you can notice pain and suffering and begin to do something about it. It is always good to notice pain and suffering. But the human task, I believe is to begin to alleviate it. Each step we take gives those who had been formerly hopeless footsteps in which to follow.

And if we decide to take those steps, it is astounding how often we are met. Once you start the journey, you begin to notice other folks going along in the same (or even same-ish!) direction. Steps toward Hope. Steps toward Love. Steps toward Peace.

And then you start chatting, and you figure out how your goals intersect. And if they don’t you just gratefully accept the surge of energy that comes with knowing that someone else is doing their work. A recent poem, circulating on line by Shiloh Sophia ends like this: “There is only one thing I know that is the remedy for this over-culturation that keeps us captured from our soul’s deepest song. It is this: To declare your sacred work.” And I would add to this wisdom, to declare your work sacred. Because if we treat what we do as sacred, any parts of it that are not will fall away. We will become happier and healthier as we honor our life and its path. And sacred work does sing to other sacred work.

And when we’re singing in harmony, the music moves us along. (Am I working too many metaphors here? It’s happened before, certainly!) I guess it comes to this. We’ll start walking. We’ll keep our eyes and ears and hearts open. We’ll assume that those we meet are good-souled travelers who might want to walk with us a while in the general direction of Peace.


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