Painstaking Peace

I’m a dreamer. I can envision vast and wonderful changes in the world. I’ve always longed to emulate the Red Queen (not for her off-with-their-heading) for her ability to think of six impossible things before breakfast.

But (and is it age that makes me tired or some have I actually accumulated a modicum of reason) I’m getting better at understanding that you can only build castles in the air, if you’re willing to build the infrastructure under them. And so, I do a better job at being deliberate about steps, making better goals and meeting them. And probably most importantly, I’ve found allies whose gifts are complementary. Sometimes they’ll work with me on projects, sometimes, they’re just part of my informal personal board of directors.

Ah, learning to take advice, learning to be collaborative. It’s so important. And yes, I get the irony of struggling with collaboration when we’re talking about Peace. Because what is Peace other than collaboration? But what are so many dreamers other than people who spend a lot of time on their own, dreaming. But Peace requires collaboration. You have to smile at someone. And when you find someone who smiles back, then the two of you can make a concerted effort to smile and say hello to more people.

Peace may be a dream, but it is also a journey. And when you start out on a journey, it’s always a good idea to put a sandwich, some water, some sunscreen  and who knows what else in your knapsack. It just makes sense to be prepared. And then invite some friends along for the journey. Pick up others on the way. Move your Dream to a journey, your journey to a movement.

Peace may well be magical, but even magic is simple small steps that lead up to an incredible whole. Let’s get moving!

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