Peace in the Swirling Waters

When I googled whirlpool, down at the end of the page, there was actually something about water. Up till then this beautiful, sometimes frightening, natural phenomenon, was ignored in favor of the company.

But whirlpools are caused by the meeting of two currents. They are all beautiful. Some are dangerous.

Right now we live in a political whirlpool. America is certainly part of it, or has its own. But life is swirling all over the world. Fragile people are going to be hurt. and we are all going to be discouraged. Nevertheless we must learn to navigate the waters well enough that we don’t get sucked in. We must be the balm on the waters.

Our world is in flux… We can be part of what makes things better.

If we’re going to think of ourselves as Peacemakers, that’s what we have to do.

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