Finding Your Piece of Peace

What is it you’re meant to do? What kind of Peace are you best equipped to enact?

Or maybe a smaller question, what can you/do you contribute to the Great Peace Experiment… What thing that you are perfectly equipped to contribute, because of your particular skills and personality?

Who are the other people you know and love or even don’t know but admire who are contributing to Peace in ways that make sense, with whom you can contribute more greatly to Peace.

Suss is a simple case. He’s a water dog. He’s bred to scent survivors in cold ocean shipwrecks. Now he’s being trained to find sewer leaks that are polluting the River.

It’s a important job, one for which he is uniquely qualified. We’re all uniquely qualified to contribute to Peace. We just have to claim our place.

My friends, in a topsey-turvey worrld, let’s Peace.


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